Do you ever pray?

The energy of prayer is the same as any meditation as it carries you into the higher realms of light. I was brought up a Catholic and it took me many years to shake off the indoctrination and guilt which is always part of that faith. When I first began to develop as a medium I found it so hard to connect to those guides whom I would call “holy” because they reminded me of my Catholic background.

In time as I understood more I became comfortable with any guide whether it was Christ or any other teacher. What I have carried with me from my religious upbringing is a love of prayer and many times it has brought me a great comfort.

I see prayer now as an intimate connection to the divine. Try it and see, see it as a meditation and sit within the energy you are creating and as you too sit in that sacred space you will find a great peace come over you.

You can prayer to the cosmos or choose your own particular deity but remember that whatever you put “out there” it will always be heard, never doubt this. I have witnessed immediate responses to my prayers too many to speak about and when this happens I never cease to be amazed at how the universe looks after us.

So try it and see how miracles do happen every day.

The Day’s Eye

Daisies are perhaps the most simple of all our native flowers and yet in their simplicity lies their beauty.

Most of us can remember picking dasies as a child and making daisy chains and their memory always brings in a childlike feeling.

The humble daisy may be small but it carries the most wonderful healing vibration, it symbolises the healing of emotional wounds, often the original emotional wound people carry. The Romans used pulverised daisy flowers to dress wounds and they held them in great respect.

To take this a step further you can see how they can be used to heal the inner self, the child within. For most people the patterns of emotional problems began in childhood and it is often necessary to return to that time to address deep issues.

You don’t need to pick daisies to use them for healing, any flower can be visualised and brought into the energy field  to begin a healing.

The daisy is also called The Day’s Eye which is the sun and the sun is Christ who heals all hearts.

End Of Times

Here we are on the 28th. of October, where according to one view of the Mayan Timekeepers we are at the end of times.

We have all looked to the 21st. of December 2012 for the great turning point in our spiritual evolution but the time is now. This is the time we have been waiting for.

You can no longer live in the old energy because it no longer serves you and it will only hold you back. Move forward in this moment now and see your life transform. Live the life you have always dreamed of, follow your dreams.

As the energies have stepped up all old emotions and patterns of thinking have to be let go of as we are cleansed of their repetitious nature.

Break the cycle today and live on positivity learning from everything in your life.

Think for yourself and listen to your heart because it never lets you down.

Your higher self has never been more present than it is at this moment, make freinds with it and let it be your guiding light.

The power is now and it is in your hands, don’t let it slip away.


Moving With The Times

We are now fully into autumn and with the changing seasons come changes within ourselves and like the seasons we need to move with the times.

Although we are now heading towards winter when the natural world goes to sleep this is not the case for us because the ascension energies are creating rapid change for everyone. For those willing to go with the flow and fully accept all the feelings coming up then the energies can do their healing work and take us forwards.

Each day is unique now as everything has become intensified and you may wonder how you can feel so different every single day. Old energies which need clearing are resurfacing so feel them as they come up and deal with them immediately; don’t leave them to back up as this will feel very uncomfortable.

When something triggers an emotional response in you become a detective and trace that feeling back in your life to when you first gave birth to it. Weed it out and fully feel it before letting it go.

If you feel confused and wonder if you are truly moving into light then take heart because this is confirmation that the energy of transformation is in full swing and you are moving in the right direction on the path of ascension.


Meditation For Today

Find a quiet time to sit away from the distractions of the world.

Feel all your worries fade away as you go deeper and deeper into your inner being.

See before you a pathway lined on either side with trees and walk along it; as you do you feel a great sense of peace overwhelm you.  When you reach the end of the path what a beautiful sight awaits you, there are flowers and ivy growing everywhere, it is as though this place has been untouched for such a long time.

Then you notice that in the midst of all these wonderful plants is an old ruin covered in greenery. You can feel that not only is this building now no longer used but also it needs to be tranformed into something new.

You approach the ruin and you see that the floor is solid gold and the light from it radiates everywhere. You begin to dismantle the bricks which make up the old building but you leave the golden floor in place. When you have accomplished this you then begin to rebuild but as you do the bricks tranform into crystal.

You feel a great sense of excitement because you know that you can create any structure you like and you set about making the most beautiful place which is a mixture of a home and a temple.

When you have finished you step inside and create  spaces to relax and contemplate within the building. As your task is completed a great rush of a multicoloured fire descends from an opening in the very centre of the roof and reaches down through the ground into the earth and simultaneously a similar fire rushes upwards from floor to ceiling.

The very centre of this wonderful place is now filled with a rainbow fire for your healing and enjoyment.

Can you see what you have achieved for you have taken the old energy within youself and transformed it into new and into a temple of your very own where you can return again and again to connect to yourself and find the answers to all your questions.

The Golden Flower

The golden flower is a title given to ancient teachings from the China describing techniques to circulate energy within the body which can lead to enlightenment.

The light is created within and this is the golden flower.

The golden flower is also that part of us which is immortal and never dies and which contains all wisdom.

The golden ray is the same. Try using it whenever you need an answer to a problem, take in the colour and wait for your reply.

Yesterday I was drawn to a lovely statue I have in my garden of a little girl holding a bunch of flowers and I noticed that a golden flower had been moved by the wind and its stem was sticking out from a pot at right angles. The golden flower looked as though it was attached to the statue’s face. Now life is mirror and everything we see around us reflects back indicating the energies we have at that time.

I knew instantly what this flower was about, I needed to not only connect to it but to become it and I also knew that this was my very own soul calling me home, it had information to give to me.

Golden light is all around us at this time, there is much wisdom for everyone to have access to so take it in as the golden flower and know that you are connecting to your true self.

Every time you pass a golden flower stop a moment and breathe it in and feel the joy of being reunitied with yourself.

The Red Geranium

When I walked into my garden today I noticed a red geranium (or to use the correct name pelargonium) flower on the path, it had been blown there by the wind.

I thought I must need the red colour and the balance which the geranium brings. So I visualised the whole plant within me from the root to the red flowers and it felt wonderful. We need constant rebalancing as we all lead such busy lives, we need to keep bringing ourselves back to spirit so that we have a wonderful balance of heaven and earth.

You know when you have too much earthly energy as it feels heavy and the moment you connect back to spirit there is an incredible lightness around you.

After a while I felt the red colour all around and from it emerged Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. If you translate the term wealth into a spiritual meaning you have spiritual wealth which is wisdom and light. I worked with her and felt such an upliftment in her presence, she brought me wonderful gifts of spirit.

When I opened my eyes I was very drawn to a golden flower which had just opened and it is a type of perennial sunflower and as I gazed at it I was reminded that the golden or yellow flower is a symbol of the higher self.

I tool the whole flower within and I became immersed in the gold; after a while of sensing different images and feelings I was overjoyed to be joined by my higher self, we spent a very illuminating time together.

Take note of the colours which are constantly presenting themselves to you often from your higher self. Take them in and let them do their job of transformation.

Remember that your higher self is only a heartbeat away so take in the symbol of the golden flower and wait to be connected once again to your own true self.

New Moon Meditation

There is a new moon on Monday August 29th. and it is in the sign of virgo.

New moons always bring us the opportunity to move into new energy and with this one we have the wonderful nurturing light of virgo to assist us as well.

So take this opportunity to create change within yourself  with this meditation which can also be used with further new moon days:

Take yourself out deep into the heart of the countryside at night when the sky is inky blue and the stars twinkle like diamonds. As you look into the sky you see the beautiful shape of the new moon and you gaze in awe at the wonderful light emanating from it.

A great beam of silvery white light reaches down and covers you and you feel yourself being lifted high up into the sky as you are brought before the moon where you see a door opening within it and with a great feeling of anticipation you step through the door.

There waiting for you at the other side is Selene the moon goddess herself and the love and the light pouring from her fills you with the utmost joy.

She speaks to you and tells you that she has brought you here so that she may help you transform yourself in a way you have never experienced before. She takes your hand and she leads you to a silvery pool of water which you must bathe in but before you immerse yourself she looks deep into your eyes and she asks you to open your heart and tell her all the problems that you are holding inside.

You pour your heart out to her and as you do you see a grey mist appearing out of your mouth and she catches it in her hands.

She takes the mist and as she holds it she tells you that the mist has been created completely by your lack of self love. She then transforms the mist into the most beautiful crystal like robe and she places it by the pool.

You are now ready to jump imto the pool and as you do you immerse yourself completly in this light filled water and it is as though you and the water become one and you are the light. You feel as if a heavy weight has been removed from you.

You step out of the pool and put on your new robe and you thank Selene for her help.

She tells you that now you are to return to earth and create whatever you wish for yourself for the old energies you have let go of have now left a space for self love and inspiration.

So you travel back to the earth just as the dawn appears on the horizon and you are filled with gratitude and a sense of renewal.

Life, Death And Rebirth

Life Death And Rebirth

A blackberry bush appeared over the fence in the corner of my garden and I was very drawn to connect to it and listen to what it had to say. On its branch it contained all three stages of its fruit; the flower, the unripe red berry and the ripe blackberry. I thought how amazing for a plant to have three stages of its development at one time.

The blackberry bush is said to have within it the three stages of birth, life and death with the white of the flower representing birth, the red of the berry life and the black of the ripe berry death.

The message which poured from the plant was that we go through these stages constantly in our lives and we keep repeating them as we go through little deaths and rebirths every time we let go and move forward.

Whereas we usually think in linear terms the blackberry teaches us that we can be going through all three processes at the same time, every moment of every day.

We can die to the old with every change of thought and we can be reborn whenever we choose new positive thinking patterns. Christ said, I die daily and we do and in these changing times as our evolution is speeding up we are never the same from minute to minute as we are urged to keep moving.

We move through these 3 colours brought to us by the blackberry from the white to the red then the black and back to the white again in the space of a single day. Gone are the old times of letting go of old emotional patterns for months on end constantly recycling past hurts.

Let them go quickly now and when they come back again as they often do you will have fresh eyes and a deeper understanding of yourself for healing is about going deeper into the self until you get to a point where the hurts no longer exist only a sense of a greater wisdom and compassion.

So follow the example of the blackberry and die to yourself as often as you can and then come quickly into self renewal.

Rosemary For The Heart

The herbs in my garden called me over today, they wanted a word with me and so I stood in the middle of them all enjoying their wonderful perfumes. There was such a strong feeling of communication as though they all wanted to speak and share their wisdom. I looked down and realised that it was the rosemary which was closest to me and as I crushed the leaves to inhale the scent I was aware of someone at the other side of the garden and when I looked it was Mary.

I have felt her vibration during the past few days; there were no words only an overwhelming feeling of the presence of the great mother, the embodiment of mother love, not only of Mary but also Gaia, mother earth.

We are in a period of accelerated growth, we can’t stand still any more, spirit are calling us because many need comfort and support for their journey as life brings its challenges. By embracing the energies of Mary and indeed rosemary we can connect to feelings of reassurance and comfort. Just as a mother puts her arms around a child and says it will be all right and the child feels safe then we need to do that to one another.

Take time to feel the earth beneath your feet and connect to the centre of our beloved mother earth, draw up her energy and feel her loving arms around you. Enjoy the soft caress of the warmth of the sun and the wind in your hair and bask in mother love and remember that no matter how difficult life gets we are forever loved and taken care of.

Gaia speaks to us through every aspect of herself, take the time to listen to her flowers and plants and trees and you will hear her messages especially for you. Rosemary is Mary’s herb, it brings healing to the heart, it helps with both physical and spiritual sight and it also brings the essence of the sea because its Latin name is Rosemarinus, rose of the sea.

Mary has many names like Queen Of Heaven, Queen Of The Sea but she is also Isis and all the great mother goddesses. The divine feminine energy is now well and truly returned to our planet and we have waited a long time for its return, this is what 2012 is all about. We can use this wisely by moving towards greater unity and coming together to nurture one another in a spirit of love and compassion.

Nature’s Library

This morning there was a butterfly on my living room window and I thought what a wonderful start to the day. The butterfly brings transformation and so I immediately took notice and understood that this was to be a day of personal change.

Our lives are rich in the symbolism which spirit continually bring to us for our education and understanding. We tend to ignore so much of what we are receiving and if only we stopped to consider then our lives would be the better for all the inofrmation available to help us on our path.

Once you begin to work with symbolism it then becomes second nature as you translate everything you are drawn to just as you would if you were learning a foreign language.

So I began today with my butterfly, this was my first symbol of the day. The second came when I noticed a feather on top of a buttercup in the garden; whenever you see a feather know that you are being brought a message from spirit. I tuned in to both the feather and the buttercup and I understood that the message was to do with the colour of the buttercup, the gold. Gold means wisdom so I thought right I need to connect to some wisdom today.

My third symbol that I was drawn to was a pink rosebud on a rambling rose tree in my garden. Now this tree has long since flowered and so it was unusual to see a new bud on it, I took this to mean that the rose wanted to communicate with me.

I put all three symbols together and this is the story of them.

Today is a full moon day with the moon in Aquarius and it is a very powerful full moon so I knew it was a day to connect to spirit. I began with the knowledge that I needed the transformational energies of the butterfly followed by wisdom and finally the message from the rose.

What I did with this was to clear and prune so much in the garden but especially my very overgrown rambling rose. As I pruned I reflected on my life and I pruned my thoughts as I pruned the rose.

Intermingled with that rambling rose was a clematis which happens to bear my name, Margaret Hunt and I had a very strong urge to cut that right back too even though I knew it was not the correct time of year to prune it (spirit know best when it comes to gardening).

In essence what I have done today is to prune myself and let go of old energies and it feels wonderful and this is the transformation.

How fortunate I feel to have been given such wonderful symbols to help me achieve my task.

Questions And Answers

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